Box Office


Bill Huls: Manager / Artistic Director


Jess Gable: Production Manager

Board of Directors

  • Alan Parsons

  • Jentra Smith


  • James Tierney


  • Brett Crueger

  • Curtis Goodman

  • Dane Gill

  • Ellen Zambrowsky-Huls

  • Vincent J. Orduña

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Our current branding was adopted in 2020 and designed by Kelly Reney.  Generally speaking, the full logo (with “Renton Civic Theatre” printed in full) is used in print media, and the “RCT” shortened logo is used in electronic media or print media where space is at a premium.

Renton Civic Theatre gives permission to use our branding to make reference to Renton Civic Theatre, or to use as the basis or inspiration for new art.  We reserve the right to make use of new art that includes or is based on our branding.  Other uses are strictly forbidden without prior written consent from the Board of Directors or the Theatre Manager.

The complete branding collection is available in high quality scalable vector graphics at the link below.