Season Subscriptions

Package 4-Show 3-Show
What do you get? The traditional Season Tickets package, plus a few new features! Tickets to all five shows in our season Tickets to three of the five shows in our season. Select the productions you would like to attend at time of purchase.
Complimentary Ticket: Bring a friend or family member! 1 additional free ticket to any show to give to a friend or family member No
Guaranteed seating: select your seats at purchase Yes Yes
Set your dates in advance, secure in the knowledge that you have unlimited free exchanges Yes Yes
Lost Ticket Insurance Yes Yes
Priority renewals and seating upgrades Yes No
Additional Benefits The satisfaction of knowing you are at the head of the class when it comes to helping keep live theater in Renton thriving!
Pricing Adults $120
Senior/Student $95
Adults $78
Senior/Student $63
5-Show Package
3-Show Package

Questions? Contact the box office at 425-226-5529 or email us at