Renter’s Checklist

We’re pleased that you are renting our space!

Here’s what we will need from you to make your event go as smoothly as possible.

As soon as possible:

  • Your signature on our standard rental contract (or a mutually agreed-upon modification thereof)

No later than three weeks before your rental:

  • Materials for the website:
    • Pertinent information about your rental: Title of event, date(s) of event, important names of people involved, ticket prices, a link to your website, etc.
    • One to three paragraphs of promotional copy.
    • Images (if you want any posted) in any of the following file formats (in order of preference): Interlaced PNG, PNG, SVG, JPG.
      • For inclusion in the front page jumbotron: a high-quality photo at least 1500px wide with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
        • The buttons and title text overlaid over the photos in the jumbotron can not be moved. They will appear above center horizontally and to the left of vertical center regardless of what photo you send us.
      • For non-jumbotron images, recommended minimum size is 300px wide by 150px tall.
      • PDFs, Word documents, or Publisher files are not acceptable.
    • A link to your ticketing solution, if you’re not using our box office.

No later than two hours before your rental:

  • A complete list of Will-Call tickets (if you’re not using our box office)
  • A complete list of comp tickets
  • Your lovely presence in our space!